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About Rogue Makers

Rogue Makers mission is to support local manufacturing-based microenterprises and startups with shared tooling, space and resources to support the growth and prosperity of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. We subscribe as a team of rogue manufacturers and collective members that simply don't agree on the one-size-fits-all model of doing business.

The idea of Rogue Makers started over two years ago when Jason DuBose, the Founder, went through his own harsh realities of being a startup manufacturing company and looking to scale beyond the home garage.  Whether it was to find a cost effective startup space, or to save up to purchase a critical piece of manufacturing tooling, the struggles were real and resulted in many sleepless nights. In our heart of hearts, we knew it shouldn't be this hard to start a business and then the idea of Rogue Makers was borne.

Today, Rogue Makers represents all-in-one community resource for microenterprises to emerge from their own garages and into a shared workspace that is equipped with the proper manufacturing infrastructure to scale a business. Low cost spaces and shared or paid access to all of the basic manufacturing tooling is provided to all members along with in-house prototype design assistance from Jason and his team of mechanical engineers.

A sample of the available in-house tooling includes: TIG welder, manual milling machine, Tormach CNC mill, drill presses, fiber laser engraver, CO2 laser cutter and engraver, very high-end 3D printers from Formlabs and Stratasys and much, much more. New equipment is added monthly and simply too much to list on a website.

Located in Corvallis, Oregon in the Eastgate Industrial Center, just a few minutes east of the Corvallis Downtown on Highway 34, we offer over 5,000+ square feet of full amenities including a kitchen, fully heated and air conditioned flexible workspaces, warehouse fabrication areas (including welding and machining), shipping and receiving and much more.

Join as a member of Rogue Makers today or contact us at [email protected] for more information.

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